“The band took nearly a year off from performing live so we could write the songs on ‘Void’.  We were given the opportunity to work with an incredible producer in Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Neck Deep, Wage War) and we wanted to make sure we were giving everything we could to the music, our fans, and Andrew.  I don’t know how many days we spent composing, changing, and even trashing songs until we came up with the five songs now on the EP.

Once we arrived at The Audio Compound in Orlando, Andrew jumped in and took those songs to a whole other level.  He really helped us discover just what we are capable of and we learned how to really showcase our strengths in a song.

We tell everybody that we wholeheartedly believe the songs on ‘Void’ make up the most ‘real’ songs we’ve ever written. The songs on the EP tackle some pretty strong topics that we believe need to be talked about.  Things like identity politics, suicide, and people giving up on what they are passionate about.  We knew that people would listen to the music and relate with it on a deep level...and that is exactly what has happened.”