"What excites me the most about being in this band is that everyone is so driven.  There is a hunger and a connection when we are performing live.  We are all in sync with each other."

- Michael Collantes -

     Some music artists spend their entire lives never seeing the opportunities and successes already being enjoyed by Miami-based Acaedia.  The group’s unique brand of metalcore fueled by powerful social messages has landed the foursome on the stage of Vans Warped, resulting in social media videos going viral, and capturing the attention of some of the biggest media outlets in the world. 


    Acaedia (pronouced uh-SEE-dee-uh) is made up of lead vocalist Ray Jimenez, guitarist Javier Sardinas, bassist Christian Farina, and drummer Michael Collantes.  Chosen by Jimenez, Acaedia is a variation of the word “acedia”, which describes a sense of apathy or lack of concern with one’s position on world issues.

    As with most other music acts, each member of Acaedia had a unique journey before landing where they are now; Jimenez was previously with death metal band Abiotic, which had been signed to Metalblade Records. Sardinas had been playing in a local post-hardcore band. Collantes had been on drums for a progressive metal band and a funk/soul group.

    Acaedia’s lastest EP, Void, is currently available for digital download on Amazon and iTunes in addition to streaming on services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.  The band decided to put performing live on hold for nearly a year while working on their music.  Production of Void was overseen by award-winning producer, Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Neck Deep, Wage War, Motionless in White).

    “With Void, we wanted to write the most heartfelt music we could come up with” says Jimenez.  “The songs are meant to encourage people to break away from traditional social paradigms, while covering topics that are not always easy, such as: suicide, identity politics and not living monotonous lives that keep us from doing what we are passionate about. We wanted listeners to connect on a deeper level, and I honestly think we accomplished that.”

    Void was released on September 6th, 2017 and was a follow-up to Acaedia’s debut EP, Dawning, which dropped in 2015.  Dawning was produced by Daniel Colombo of Iceman Studios in Miami.

    Acaedia’s lyrics focus on serious social issues which has been one of the band’s biggest draws for fans, and all four members are quick to notice how people listening to Acaedia’s music connect with it on multiple levels.

    “I think a lot of people connect with the lyrics in ‘Divided’,” says Jimenez.  “It looks at the current state of the world and how we seem to innately seek to foster hatred against each other.  The song is really a call for unity.”

    “Quite a few fans seem to connect with ‘Consumed’ too,” adds Sardinas.  “It talks about how a person in your life can basically drain you and make you feel like they are taking everything from you, but it is also about overcoming that kind of situation.”

    Acaedia has also enjoyed a great deal of success on social media after creating a metal arrangement covering the popular song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and featuring Justin Bieber.  The cover was uploaded to Facebook in June 2017 and quickly went viral, going on to accumulate nearly 7,000,000 views.  In fact, the video was so popular, it ended up being talked about and shared by media organizations such as CNN Chile and Huffington Post Spain.

    “I was completely against covering the song because I couldn’t see how it could possibly translate into a metal setting,” says Jimenez. “Man, was I wrong. The reception was utterly overwhelming. I couldn’t believe how many people signed up to download the song. The press coverage was amazing but the most rewarding part was all the people we got to meet and speak to from all over the world. The messages just kept coming in, and we are just so thankful for that.”

    The band is also no stranger to the West Palm Beach stop of the annual Vans Warped tour.  They played the Ernie Ball side stage during the 2015 tour but found themselves on the main stage during the 2016 run.  Those performances generated additional press coverage from radio stations and music blogs.

    “What excites me the most about being in this band,” says Collantes, “is that everyone is so driven.  There is a hunger and a connection when we are performing live.  We are all in sync with each other.”


    For more information on Acaedia, visit www.Acaedia.com.